Green Initiative

greenHokanson Companies is Committed to GREEN

When you’re in business for 80 years you see the environment around you change.  We want to make sure that change is for the better.  That’s why we at Hokanson Companies are committed to further developing Green initiatives with you in mind.  Our responsibility toward safety, health, and energy reduction go hand in hand with our belief that we are our future, and that sustaining and reducing the resources we have isn’t just economical; it’s the right thing to do.  That’s why we’ll work with you in all facets of real estate to use and develop further environmental standards for a better tomorrow.

We stay on the cutting edge so our clients can be proactive and lead environmental initiatives

  • Develop policies to help you reduce energy, reducing your costs
  • Use industry best practices of health and safety to reduce excess costs related to preventable accidents
  • Comply with the letter and spirit of environmental laws and policies, based on LEED and Energy Star
  • Create open dialogues between our staff and yours, resulting in environmental policies which are communicated and maintained
  • Create procurement standards with outside vendors which encourage contractors and suppliers to reduce, reuse, and pass the savings on to you
  • Starting Green initiatives does not have to require major funding
    • Online Forms
    • Hosting Green events
    • Compact Fluorescents
    • Turning off unused electronic systems
    • Replace  water bottles with corn-based bottles or water coolers
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