Maintenance Services

Hokanson Companies, Inc. manages and maintains our commercial real estate portfolio with outstanding mainte-nance personnel. We employ a team of individuals who are loyal, honest and serve our clients with great integrity. Our team maintains the day-to-day operations and aid with every type of emergency imaginable. No problem is too big or too small! Below is an abbreviated list of skills and duties our maintenance technician team performs:

Below is an abbreviated list of skills and duties our maintenance technician team performs:


  • Observe interior appearance along with premises’ condition
  • Replace light bulbs or ballast as needed, clean lenses if needed
  • Check ceiling tiles for leaks/stains and replace if needed
  • Investigate source of leaks, including plumbing or roof
  • Inspect and repair leaking faucets, toilets and related piping
  • Unclog sinks, toilets and drains
  • Check/repair dishwasher and ice maker water line leaks
  • Check any electrical appliance (stove, fridge, dishwasher, are clean and in good working order
  • Repair office furniture
  • Transport furniture and other equipment
  • Repair locks, door hardware, access card systems, cameras and security systems
  • Paint touch-ups on interior walls
  • Perform miscellaneous custodial work as needed
  • Test GFI outlets for proper operation
  • Maintain water fountain
  • Monthly test elevator phones
  • Quarterly inspect exhaust fans


  • Observe exterior appearance along with premises’ condition
  • Check lighting and signage and replace bulb & ballast as needed
  • Remove dead bugs from light fixtures
  • Remove any cobwebs or wasp nests from around building
  • Pick-up all debris, cigarette butts and trash from grounds, parking lots and curb lines
  • Spray/pull weeds from landscape beds, sidewalks & parking lots
  • Check dumpster area and keep clean of debris
  • Sweep mulch or gravel back into beds
  • Wipe down any signage that is dusty or has grass clippings on it
  • Check all bulbs, ballasts, photo eyes and timers in parking lot
  • Repair, replace and/or install locks
  • Maintain security system
  • Inspect asphalt/concrete parking lot for cracks/potholes
  • Cold patch potholes as needed
  • Inspect doors, windows, roof, gutters, EFIS condition; repair as needed
  • Manage grounds such as snow shoveling in winter if necessary
  • Backflow Preventer Test


  • Field maintenance service requests as assigned
  • Conduct scheduled preventative maintenance along with repair plan
  • Alert property manager of any unusual occurrence and/or damage that have taken place or that may occur
  • Order supplies when necessary
  • Collaborate with vendors/other maintenance workers to determine the best course of action for required tasks
  • Coordinate and monitor all work being performed by third party services as required
  • Manage vendor relations
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Assessments


  • Monitor and maintain all building systems as assigned
  • Troubleshoot mechanical issues in company equipment
  • Daily check HVAC Operation and HVAC EMS system
  • General inspection of heating and cooling systems
  • Clean and replace HVAC filters if necessary
  • Perform basic HVAC repairs
  • Inspect and repair electrical equipment and light switches
  • Pump maintenance
  • Inspect hot water heater

Fire/Life Safety/Environmental Initiatives

  •  Responsible for 24-hour emergency maintenance service as required
  • Monthly tests exit signs and emergency lights and repairs as needed
  • Monthly check fire extinguishers
  • Quarterly test smoke detectors for proper
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